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How You Can Help


If you know someone who can benefit from SCYSAC's program, please pass our info along to them.


Consider becoming a volunteer in the program. The only pre-requisite is the desire to help participants. Special skills are a plus.


SCYSAC is a non-profit venture. Your contributions enable us to provide activities for SCYSAC participants and expand the program.


Donations of Arts and Crafts that our participants can utilize are always appreciated and incredibly helpful.


Activities & Crafts

Activities & Crafts to help develop and improve manual motor skills.


A place to meet peers and improve social growth and development.

Physical Improvement

Participating in crafting and social activities for improvement in physical coordination.

Here to Support You Since 1979

The SCYSAC program got their start in 1979 in the social hall of ST Joachim’s Church on 111th Ave, Sun City. On October 1st, 1979 the program moved to it’s present location at Lakeview United Methodist Church, where a larger activity area and more storage space were available.

More History